Your Strategy Session

Your strategy session is the most important step of the process. We believe a website can help solve many problems you can face running a business. We work with you to figure out your website before we start, this can help save valuable time and money in the long run.

The Wireframe

After your strategy session, we will design the structure of your website. This will be a wireframe design, this means no images or text, just the layout. You can give as much input as you like, we need to make sure it is perfect.

Making it come alive

Now your layout is perfect, we can now start to add the content, the images, the text and add all the colours. This will then give you a real perception of how your site will look. It's important that you are happy with the design, this is your site and we need to make sure it displays your business. This is the end of the design process.

Time to develop

Your design has been signed off and we are ready to start the development of your website. When developing the site we will use your brief we created from your session to keep on track.

Going Live

Once you have viewed the test site and you are happy with your new website, we can finally launch. This will be the process of attaching your personal domain and allowing the world to finally see your amazing business!

The Final Step

Now it's time to promote your new site. If needed, this will include matching social media channels to go along with your new branded site, getting the word out and driving traffic to the website. We can help manage and maintain your brand new site to make sure that all year round your site is at the best it can be.

Trust The Process

ARK Fleetech LTD

Our client, ARK Fleetech needed a complete re-vamp of their website. The old site was bland and only contained the most basic information; we knew they wanted more than that in order to reach all potential customers. After some brainstorming sessions, it became clear what exactly he needs for his new website.

Your strategy session is a great opportunity for us to get an understanding of what you're trying to accomplish with your company and how the website will be beneficial. The meeting allows me see inside who you are, in order to better understand all aspects of this project.

Your strategic planning meeting gives me an insight into exactly why we need a site like yours on our team; I'm able to find out about everything that's important when it comes to your business goals as well as those things which have been holding back progress up until now.

We don't just create websites for people - we help them solve problems too! Many businesses take time figuring out how important webpages are as well as recognising all of the various benefits that come along with having a site designed by professionals like ourselves who know exactly what will get results (and not make things more difficult). 

He wanted to get inquiries and for potential customers to download his new e-catalogue. The website is designed around these two goals, which will be revisited six months after launch in order to see if the company has been successful with their marketing techniques.

Any questions? Ask away.

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